Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Wind-Up Remote (and Other Stuff I Want)

I found a cool store, which sadly for me is based in the UK not here. Ethical Superstore has a bazillion things I want. At the top of the list: a “wind-up” universal remote control. No more batteries, just turn the crank and this powers itself. (I am mad for all things wind-up: so far I have a wind-up radio, wind-up flashlight, and wind-up camping lamp.) This really intriguing store also has solar chargers for almost everything. And something called EcoBalls (below), which one can allegedly throw in the laundry instead of laundry soap.

I am off to see if I can locate any of this stuff from a U.S. vendor — with an envious nod to our UK readers! If I could find a way to ditch the remote batteries, charge my laptop and cell phone with solar, and do laundry without laundry detergent — not bad for a Tuesday! I’ll post back later in the week if I have success.

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