Thursday, June 26, 2008

Update: Cooling Off Summer Energy Use

As I noted a couple weeks ago, my goal for the summer is to cut our electric usage by 10%. We recently received our mid-June electric bill, with a happy surprise: we used only 179 kWh. This certainly compares favorably with last year’s mid-June reading of 276 kWh, as well as our 2007 average of 240 kWh/month. Being away for a week helped, as did the relatively cool nighttime temps, since I was able to avoid running the AC overnight until just a few days ago. So we’re ahead of the game, but not slacking off!

Here’s where we are. Meter readings and dates (better month bolded):
  • June 2008: 179 kWh / June 2007: 276 kWh
  • July 2007: 236 kWh
  • August 2007: 476 kWh
  • September 2007: 232 kWh
  • TOTALS: Summer 2008: ???? / Summer 2007: 1220 kWh
So far we’re ahead of last year by 64.8%. If this keeps up, I’ll increase our savings goal, but for now I’m focusing in ensuring the next month’s bill is also at least 10% lower than last year. If anyone has tips, send ’em on over!

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