Saturday, June 28, 2008

Summer Weekend Round-Up

Bits and and pieces for a summer weekend before I head off to the farmers market.

There’s still time to join EnviroMom’s “One Can A Month Challenge” for July, which includes a cool blog banner that you’ll have to click here to see!

Wondering how to dispose of compact fluorescent lightbulbs (CFLs) safely? Budget Ecoist has a tip about Home Depot’s new CFL recycling program.

EnviroHumanImpact turned me on to CNET’s Green Tech Blog, which the green geek in me is thoroughly enjoying as a happy new news source.

Speaking of cool sites: Hop to It (née Be A Good Human) discovered the very cool Just Cause, an all-around good news site about people making a positive impact in the world. Beyond just presenting the news, the site also helps readers link up with various causes and “share creative solutions.” I like this one.

Last but not least: a reminder that through June you can help the Breast Cancer Site reach its goal for a $10,000 challenge grant. To help provide free mammograms to women without health insurance — at no cost to you — just click here.

I am off to the farmers market. Have a great weekend!

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Hops said...

Hey, thanks for the shoutout!

Also, the 1 can per month idea sounds really hard. I feel like it would take me a few months to get down to that. Eew - how embarrassing.

jen x said...

Hops, I'm feeling pretty lame on this one, too. I'm passing on the one-can-a-month challenge on the flimsy excuse that our building uses one big dumpster and it would be too hard to estimate our individual portion. And unlike the EnviroMoms, I don't even have kids! I'm in awe of the eMoms, as always.