Thursday, July 24, 2008

350 Thursday: Carbon-Free Electricity

I blogged last month about, the group determined to reduce the world’s carbon emissions ratio back down to less than 350 ppm — soon — in hopes of staving off irreparable environmental consequences. Al Gore was on this topic earlier this week, in his call for carbon-free electricity within the next ten years.

What can one person do? has started a campaign to encourage utility companies to work faster toward renewable energy — not just as a special program, which many already offer and I know a bunch of us already utiilize, but for all customers. Find more information, including phone and email contact info for the country’s 25 largest utilities, as well as a form to include in your next bill, at Make Your Utility Carbon Free!

Today’s mitzvah: I’ll bug my power company, if you will, too!

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