Friday, July 25, 2008

Dancin' Friday . . . With Furry Monsters!

Will I get tired of posting danceable videos every Friday? As if. For this week’s installment: apparently a lot of people love to hate the Feist song that saturated the airwaves a few months ago in the iPod Nano commercials. (I actually like it, but that’s me.) Sesame Street has revived it in an altered version (which BoingBoing has declared more palatable) celebrating counting to 4, with monsters, penguins, and chickens on vacation. Maybe not so much dancing as loping and bouncy walking, but it works for Friday for me.

Happy Friday!

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JoJoBell said...

This cheered me up this morning! Set my day in the right direction!

Emily said...


dogwood said...

I heart Sesame Street! That was great!

T.Allen-Mercado said...

love the song, love the clip-thanks for sharing!!

Estela said...

I LOVE FEIST! and this clip!!
I wish they wouldn't have over played the song :(