Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gustav, Go Away

Hurricane Gustav appears to be weakening a bit, but my heart still goes out to all the people from New Orleans who are on the road today, preparing for yet another disaster. Lots of people are blogging. I'm following posts on Best of New Orleans Blog, which has periodic updates from their bloggers’ own evacuation journeys. And Socialized posted last night on on evacuees’ use of Twitter: this may be the first hurricane to be microblogged (but what a great way to stay in touch with friends and family).

I’ve posted the National Hurricane Center widget in the right sidebar, as well as an RSS feed for hurricane-related news (below the widget). I’ll keep both up for a few days. Weather Underground also has a terrific collection of hurricane specific maps, including live radar.

1 comment:

Cate Holst said...

My thoughts go out to the people of New Orleans.

It's hard to believe that a hurricane is on their doorstep when it's a balmy Spring day in Australia

Good luck to everyone