Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back to School

I’m not sure how I feel about this, yet the time is now. Back to school! I’m finishing up classroom tasks for the first day, but I did have time to check out this week’s Carnival of the Green, where I discovered a useful post from Nature Mom about choosing a BPA-free water bottle — a must for every backpack and bookbag. You can even win a free bottle from a very nice array of choices; see the post for nature Mom’s contest! (You might even win a neat Sigg “Sunray” like mine, pictured at right.)

Keeping with the school theme, CotG also includes an interesting post from Philobiblon linking the fall of the Roman empire to their dependence on food-based fuel. A few parallels there, eh?, which the blog post explores.

And on an energy theme: La Marguerite contributed a post on grocery shopping, but I was also intrigued by another post on her blog: her GreenWatch personal energy consumption project on Twitter. It’s like a food journal for energy use, with a public micro-blogging component.

You can see all the posts in this week’s Carnival of the Green over at Savvy Vegetarian’s blog.

I hope everyone’s Tuesday is off to a good start!

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