Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Carbon Fast for Lent: 2009

Is it that time already? You betcha. Welcome to Ash Wednesday and the 2009 Carbon Fast for Lent! From our friends at Tearfund in the UK, here’s the rationale:

“Climate change can mean our neighbours go hungry because of drought, or lose their homes because of floods. Faced with that reality, there are many things we can do, acting as part of the global Church’s response, to change the way our lives impact poor communities. Fast and pray with Tearfund this Lent to reduce your carbon footprint and help protect poor people from climate change.”

Let’s get started, shall we? I peeked ahead and it looks like this year includes its own activities and isn’t a carbon copy (no pun intended) of 2008. But we begin the same way, by losing one light bulb:

Remove one light bulb from your home and live without it for the next 40 days. This will decrease your energy use and act as a reminder of what you are doing during Lent.

Today’s mitzvah: Unscrew that lightbulb — and join us for this year’s Carbon Fast for Lent!


Denise said...

Great post. It would be great if we could all go beyond the 40 days to make some of these a list of "new" habits.

Cindy said...

Wonderful I also help in that regards! I just went green and bought my first shopping bags to take to the grocery store!

LazyTcrochet said...

What a great idea. I'm going to try it.

shannon said...

That is a randomly awesome idea. I don't know if I could do it though.