Thursday, February 26, 2009

Carbon Fast for Lent: Nuke the Oven

DAY 2 – Thursday, February 26
“Cook food in a microwave. They use significantly less energy than a conventional oven.When you need to use a pan always use a lid to preserve heat when cooking – this will also cook your food faster.”

It’s only Day 2 of the Carbon Fast for Lent, yet already I have to make a confession: I may be the only person in North America who doesn’t own a microwave. Blame a small kitchen and a dislike for clutter. Don’t have one, don’t want one. Sigh. But point taken about all the electricity one uses heating up an oven, especially for small things (guilty again on that one). I’m contemplating a toaster oven as a compromise, especially for things like heating up a leftover slice of pizza. What about you? Are you a microwave fan?

Today’s mitzvah: Check out Tearfund’s complete array of Carbon Fast tips and support materials here.

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