Monday, March 2, 2009

The Great $100 Coupon Challenge

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Why a coupon challenge? Why not! I was web wandering — er, purposefully surfing — recently and discovered that most brands I use offer printable coupons on their company web sites. And not just any coupon: often $1.00 or $1.50 coupons. Not bad.

The Great $100 Coupon Challenge is my personal challenge to try to find $100 worth of coupons over the next few months, with the savings going into the Daily Mitzvah Charity Piggy Bank. The only catch: these have to be coupons for things I normally buy and will indeed use. I started with $2.25 worth in this earlier post. Today I found two six additional coupons, with thanks to A Penny Saved blog for the first one:

Do you have good coupon sources to share — especially for eco-friendly or all natural products? (Or for Diet Pepsi, Coke One or Diet Dr. Pepsi, my trifecta of unhealthy weaknesses!) Tell us about them in the comments. (Legit links only, please. As per usual I don't post comments with spam.)

Today’s mitzvah: What small-change sources do you have to save some extra cash, or even to begin a charity piggy bank of your own?

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Jennifer said...

Walgreens is the place to go. They have a monthly flier booklet, plus a weekly flier and rebates. I stock up on all sorts of health and beauty supplies there - plus some odd food items (cereal, tomato sauce, Quaker oatmeal, etc). It's a great place to save.

I use my coupons to save big... and then donate the extra food I purchased on the cheap to fill the local food pantries who are feeling the need most desperately.