Monday, March 2, 2009

Carbon Fast for Lent: Home Energy Audit Time

“28 per cent of the UK’s carbon dioxide emissions comes from energy use to run our homes. Get a home energy check at or call 0800 512 012.”

Since about 1/3 of the blog’s visitors live outside the U.S., I thought I’d keep the original UK Carbon Fast info for today’s post. For those in the U.S., your local power company web site can be a wealth of information, including screenshots to view your home’s energy use and DIY energy audits/ Also, as I learned from The Awesome Emily at Lost Albatross, many public libraries have free energy meters you can check out and use for free, to see how much energy various appliances are using in your home or apartment. Here’s an example of one local program along with a video showing how to us the meter.

If you like cool calculators, MG&E has ‘em. Enter, for example, the number of degrees you’re turning back your thermostat, or the number or incandescent bulbs you’re replacing with compact fluorescents, and the calculator will automatically track your dollar savings and carbon savings:


Today’s mitzvah: Check out how much money and energy you can save by using one of the household energy calculators.

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