Sunday, March 1, 2009

Carbon Fast and Kiva Updates

From our friends at Tearfund: “Today is the last Sunday in Global Poverty Prayer Week. Pray for people living in poverty and affected by climate change. Ask whether you can give a short notice or lead a prayer at church or in your home group.Why not talk about the Carbon Fast when you do so? See for more info.”

In keeping with the global poverty theme — and the theme of hope — I thought this might be a good time to post an update on Kiva, the microlending site. One of the (many) nice things about Kiva: once loans are repaid the money cycles back ready to be loaned again! This is especially nice right now when many of us don’t have extra cash.

Three of my $25 loans have already been repaid: Mabel O’s soft drink and soup stand in Nigeria; the women’s clothing sales collective in Bolivia;
and Hannah H.’s market stall in Ghana. One of my favorite projects, the Guatemalan women’s weaving group, is 77% repaid on the loan from me and a large group of other lenders. As these loans are paid back the funds are returned to my Kiva account, which means I’ve been able to re-lend the proceeds without contributing any new capital. Joining with other lenders, I’m especially pleased to help fund new loans for Sothy S.’s grocery store in Cambodia (above) and Mutiate M.’s soft drink stand in Nigeria (below).

Today’s mitzvah:
I know money us tight. Even if you can’t afford to give, check out Kiva to see what happening with microlending and these wonderful entrepreneurs! Or to help out for free: visit Care 2, where your daily free clicks help raise money to sponsor 14 children each month through Children International.

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