Friday, April 3, 2009

Carbon Fast for Lent: Bag the Plastic Bags

Day 38 – Friday 3 April 2009
“Reduce the number of plastic bags you use. Get a fabric or reusable bag instead and take it with you when you shop.”
The Carbon Fast for Lent

This is another suggestion that finally nudged me into action during last year’s Carbon Fast. I’ve backslidden a bit (if that’s a word) after I used up all the spare plastic bags I’d been stockpiling for trash bags. But overall this has become second nature, with my little Baggus always in my purse or backpack. And I know that family members with cars, including my mom, just keep the fold-up square bags in the car so they’re at hand for any shopping trip.

Whether you’re using square-bottom bags made from recycled soda bottles like those above, neat fold-up bags the little Baggus, or a sturdy cloth tote, this is an easy way to cut down on plastics. As a bonus: check out an alternative for filmy plastic produce bags. The cute produce bags at left — light as a feather — are available on Etsy, the handmade site (mine are from DaisyDots, or you can just search “produce bags”). I tuck one in each of my Baggu pouches so I always have them with me.

Today’s mitzvah: Cute reusable bags abound. Check out your local grocery or Whole Foods, Reusable Bags, or
the Baggu siteto get started,Find some that work for you and bag the plastic bags!

Top photograph © 2008 by Daily Mitzvah, with a shout out to Community Car!
Bottom photograph © 2008 by DaisyDots.

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