Sunday, April 5, 2009

Save $20 at the grocery this weekend

Coupons have limited life spans, but you should be able to save about $20 with the coupons we've gathered so far via the Great $100 Coupon Challenge. I’m hopeful this will make it a bit easier to buy organic and natural products (or just stuff I like). For this installment I decided to check out a new brand that’s getting a lot of shelf space at my local grocery. Wild Harvest Organics distributes (under its own label) organic foods made by well-known brands, and is positioning itself as the kinda-affordable and ubiquitous “store brand” of the organic world. It’s certainly working locally; their products — milk, eggs. crackers, cookies, cereal. canned food, frozen food — are all over the grocery stores here in town. I thought hey might be popping up in your store, too (and happily there’s no registration required to print), so here’s a coupon to start off this installment:
Happy saving!

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